I Remember 4

      “When I was a little girl, every Sunday at Spring Church we would…”  “Once my grandmother told me about going down to the spring for a drink when she was a little girl and running smack into my future grandfather!” … “Right after the Civil War my great-grandfather”… “Two years ago when it looked like things were going to be”….

Well you get the idea, this is the place for your stories, tales and hearsays surrounding the life and times of the folks connected to Spring Church.  After nearly 200 years of history, there should be a rich vein to mine.  Welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories in the comment box below.

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4 thoughts on “I Remember

  • David

    Homecoming is one of the best times, good company and great food. Another time is at Christmas when we have the Christmas party. Good company and especially the game where you pick a number and everyone has a chance to pick a gift and then exchange it, there is always one or two gifts everyone wants so the war is on so to speak. Thank you so much brother Bob , you are a great inspiration to all .God bless all at Spring church David

  • Bill

    My Mom told me that Grandma and Grandpa met down by the spring. It seems that the boys would hang out down there waiting for the young ladies to show up for a drink and then hope for a quick glimpse of ankle as they headed back the hill.

  • Bill Post author

    I remember the covered picnic tables and eye popping display of deserts that no 8 year old could have dreamed of on that homecoming Sunday long ago.