Joys & Concerns ~ from the July 26, 2015 Bulletin

Prayer Concerns:

We pray for Ronnie Dickens, Darlene Maxwell, Allen and Thelma Dickens, Mary Lib Burnette, Kenny and Pam Simmons, Dylan’s mom Jennifer Dixon, Evelyn Doughtie, Mary Jordan, Audrey Duke, Bobby and Nellie Edwards, Lib Robinson, Carl Burnette, Billy Dickens, Chris Thompson, Richard Earle, Angela, Genny, Chris Burton, Carolyn and David George, Melinda Simmons, George and Barbara Gurley, Carlton Edwards, Tiny Daniels, Maude Spence, Marshall and Marie Grant, Ann Marie Fisher, Katherine Cranford, Mary Belle Lynch, Pat Camara Coburn, Don Dillow, Regina Dixon, Knot Cook, Susan Tinsley, Gerry Mitchell, Steven’s dad, Don and Denise’s grandson Samuel William Barrett, Linda Wayne Parker, Nancy Edwards, and Bobbie Roberts; and Sean Woods in the military.

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