“Stuff About Church”

Chuck Knows Church Video Series

Do you ever wonder about the meaning behind some of the objects, symbols, terms & places found in your church? Well, Chuck Knows Church and he is sharing his insights via a fun and fast-paced video series. All it takes is two minutes to have a little fun and learn a thing or two about the church from Chuck.



Here is a selection of episodes of Chuck Knows Church  (find more episodes on Youtube or ChuckKnowsChurch.com):

Episode 54 | POTLUCK

A Potluck meal are events where the attendees bring a dish to a meal. But why are they so popular in churches? Chuck tells all and steals the cake too!


Episode 36 | AMEN
You may say it every day, but do you even know what it means? And, for those United Methodists old enough to remember, why is it not at the end of hymns any longer?
Ever try to summarize what you believe? It’s hard! That’s what an “Affirmation of Faith” tries to do for us. Chuck explains and sings (yet again).

Episode 31 | STEEPLE

Ever done this with your fingers as a child: “Here’s the church and here’s the steeple.” Then you spread your palms apart and wiggle your fingers while saying: “Open the doors and see all the people.” What’s the reason these tall structures exist almost exclusively on places of worship? Chuck goes high in the sky to find out.
Episode 13 | CROSS
Why the cross rather than the fish for the accepted Christian symbol? Do you know? And why are there two types of crosses: one in catholic churches and another in protestant churches?