Joys & Concerns ~ from the Oct. 26, 2014 Bulletin

                                         Thanks, Bob!


Today we are celebrating PASTOR APPRECIATION DAY! Take a few

minutes to thank Bob & Olivia Kay for their ministry to our churches!


Please join us for lunch today at Spring to honor Bob & Olivia Kay!


God has instructed us to recognize His servants.

“The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of

double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and

teaching.”         (I Timothy 5:17)




Prayer Concerns:


Linda Coker, Kenny & Pam Simmons, Billy Dickens, Lib Robinson, Carl Burnette, Chris Thompson, Richard Earl, Angela, Ginny, Chris Burton, Carolyn George, Phillip Wray, Henry Moncure, Carlton Edwards, Rosa Daniel, Maude Spence, Shirley Acree, Cinderella Camara, Marie Grant, Ann Marie Fisher, Mary Belle, Nellie Edwards, Doug and Nathan Dixon, Mollie Roberts


Our folks in the military: Thomas Jarratt. Sean Woods, who was

just deployed to Saudi Arabia.

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